What does public mean in public relations?

In public relations and communication sciences, audiences are groups of individual people, and the public (a, k, a. The general public) is all of these groups. This is a different concept from the sociological concept of √Ėffentlichkeit or public sphere. Public relations aims to create or obtain free coverage for customers, which is also known as earned media, rather than paying for marketing or advertising, also known as paid media.

As such, the field of public relations has grown to include the construction of important relationships between an organization and its key audiences through their actions and communication. Meanwhile, public relations sometimes focus more on managing the reputation of a company or brand. The term corporate communication is the most common synonym for public relations in current practice, Bowen et al. Interactive public relations allow companies and organizations to disseminate information without relying solely on major publications and to communicate directly with the public, customers and potential customers.

Generally synonymous with the term public relations, it is also known as strategic public relations and strategic communication management. We believe that the key component of effective corporate communication or public relations is an element of strategy: a plan or method used to achieve a specific goal or goals. If public relations are a bridge to that relationship, public relations professionals are the ones who build bridges. Advertising is the act of capturing public attention, often through the use of various types of media.

Sometimes, the interests of different audiences and stakeholders common to a public relations effort require the creation of several different but complementary messages. These concepts are discussed in detail in a later chapter, along with non-profit public relations and government relations or public affairs. According to Bernays, the public relations advisor is the agent who works both with modern media and with society's group formations to contribute ideas to the public's conscience. The primitive literature written by James Grunig (1997) suggested that the public developed at stages determined by their levels of recognition of problems, recognition of restrictions and participation in the treatment of the problem.

A person can earn a degree in several different fields, such as public relations, communications, marketing, journalism, broadcasting, or political science. Marketing and communications strategist, Ira Gostin, believes that there is a code of conduct when it comes to doing business and using public relations. Although the public relations function goes by many different names, it is essential to understand that it is a unique management function that contributes to the success of an organization by focusing on developing and maintaining relationships with key audiences.

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